Find Out How You Can Benefit From A Flat Roof

Find Out How You Can Benefit From A Flat Roof

get flat or low sloping roof installed in Corvallis, Philomath & Albany, OR

If a sloped roof doesn’t work best for your Corvallis, Philomath & Albany, OR property, install a flat roof instead. Alamo Roofing handles weatherbond TPO and PVC installations. We install roofs that are 45-80 mils thick to provide you with optimal coverage for your home or commercial building.

Color choices include white, grey, tan or dark bronze, depending on your preference. Our workman ship warranty can cover up to 10 years, with material warranties up to 20 years.

Contact our office in Corvallis, Philomath & Albany, OR today to learn about our installation process.

4 benefits of a flat roof

While flat roofs may not be traditional, they’re no less beneficial. Many of our clients choose a low slope roofing option because:


  1. They’re more cost effective than other roofing styles
  2. You can make use of the additional roofing space
  3. You can make your interior space more versatile
  4. They’re more accessible than sloped roofs




See for yourself how a flat roof can enhance your property. Call 541-929-9565 now to get an estimate on your installation.